Christmas Near the Beach 2019


Our Artists

Check back as our line-up grows before the event.

DJ Mr. E

Soul Movement Crew is a full-service inspirational and faith-based entertainment group in Florida. Soul Movement Crew specializes in:

  • Deejay services
  • Event consultation and artist recommendations
  • Professional radio commercials and voiceovers
  •  Social events and concerts for all ages
  •  Flavor Night Fridays (The Ultimate Christian Party Experience for Young Adults 18+)


Each year, the furry green guy skates for CNTB and finds the true meaning of Christmas.

Many but ONE 

Many but ONE is a performing arts company that has been ministering for more than 20 years, couching a Christian message in dance and theatrical productions. At its studio in Boca Raton, Many but ONE trains students in ballet, pointe, jazz and contemporary dance. Their ballet dancers have performed as angels in Christmas pageants during past years at CNTB.

Only One Roadway

Only One Roadway reaches out to the community in street ministry in a variety of ways, such as mime, dance and character acting.  From bookstore openings to outdoor Christian music festivals, they’ve ministered the gospel to large or intimate crowds.

At CNTB 2018, Only One Roadway will present “The Courtroom,” a mime dance that tells a symbolic parable of a soul coming up for the final judgment.

Contact  Denna McDaniel for more booking information:

Peace Fighter

Peace Fighter is a family folk-rock group that has often performed at CNTB since it began. The group is headed by Jeff and Christine Maldonado, members of the recording artists House of Peace.

Jeff and Christine have toured throughout the United States, and have performed for more than a decade throughout South Florida. They’ve also performed for CNTB for several times since it began in 2007.

As Peace Fighter, they will be performing a mix of their own original worship songs, along with well known worship songs for all to join in and sing along.

Starlight Theater

Starlight Theater is an educational homeschool theater program dedicated to helping students explore the theater arts and tap into their creativity.  Located in Hollywood, Florida, Starlight Theater strives to add a large educational component to everything they do. Theater isn’t just about acting and being on stage. At Starlight Theater, it’s so much more! Every semester has its own syllabus, complete with daily educational activities, theater training that is applicable to the real world, interview and audition training, monologue practice, tips on selecting the proper headshots, resume assistance, and acting exercises that go beyond what is happening in each semester’s performances. Our mission is to help every student let their light shine to their fullest ability.