Christmas Near the Beach 2016 Line Up

Hosting our show: Moody Radio Fresh Start
Eric Johnson, Audrey Altman and Brigitte Sylvestre

4:00 Andrew Curran

4:15 Overflow Music

4:45 Casa Salsa

5:00 DJ Mr E

5:15 St. Nick Arrives

5:30 Four The Calling

5:45 The Village Hymns

6:15 Grinchy SKATES!

6:25 Free Raffle Giveaways

6:30 Many But One – Christmas Ballet

7:00 Only One Roadway – Mime

7:15 Josh Bramos
w/ Guest Artist Jesse Jones JR.

8:00 Free Raffle Giveaways

8:10 Maria Gracia (Spanish)

8:45 Candlelight Caroling with the American Poets

9:00 Merry Christmas…until Dec 9th, 2017

*Times are approximate


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5:30 pm

Dream Car Classics 2 sided - CopySt. Nick is arriving in style, thanks to the Dream Car Classic team!

Our Artists

Josh Bramos

josh 2As a worship leader in South Florida and a husband with two children, Josh has a heart that longs to help the church learn how to worship our Lord through Scripture. Teaching scripture through song has become his way of leading the body of Christ into worship.

Josh’s newest release “The Well” is filled with God’s word throughout each song. By Grace is the invitation from an unbiased God welcoming everyone to his nearness. “You Hold The Victory” is from Psalms. It is the chant of a follower who Run’s after God with a banner of victory over him. “The Well” is the title track as well as the joyous song that proves God’s well overflows and welcomes all to drink and be satisfied.
After Releasing The Well in 2013, Local churches in South Florida took a liking to the Organic Folk sounding Record and have begun playing this worship songs in their churches.




The American Poets

the-american-poetsThe American Poets are “Modern Americana” singer/songwriter duo Jeff & Christine Maldonado. During their first several years together, Jeff & Christine performed extensively in South Florida, as well as various regions throughout the U.S. to promote their first album of acoustic/folk songs under their former name “The Providence”. They quickly developed a large following of dedicated fans and were widely respected and regarded as a vital force on South Florida’s music scene. It was during this time that they drew the attention of various local radio stations and t.v. programs, and were invited to perform on several live broadcasts. Soon after, they were chosen to perform on a nationally televised talent program, and subsequently had their songs featured in several independent films.
Through all the buzz that was being generated, they landed a much sought after opportunity to perform at the prestigious “Bluebird Cafe” in Nashville, and also at “B.B. King’s Blues Club” in Memphis.
When the time came to record their second album, Jeff & Christine wanted to expand their sonic horizons, and create a more diverse, dynamic and powerful sound. Therefore, they decided to recruit the help of Orlando Machado, who is a well known and highly acclaimed drummer in South Florida, in order to achieve their new sound. Together, along with the help of various other talented local musicians, Jeff & Christine recorded their second CD of all original music under their new name, “The American Poets”. The American Poets perform as an acoustic duo, showcasing some of their most loved songs, as well as unique versions of some of yesterday’s & today’s most popular hits, and also perform as a full band.
The American Poets CD entitled “Light Of Life”, is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, & CDBaby.com.

Andrew Curran

andrew-curren-photoRecording artist TK Records 1973-1977
Hit song: I’ll Hold The Groove 1975
Born Again 1984 / Recorded Brand New Man CD 2001
Evangelist, Drug & Alcohol Counselor Faith Farm Ministries 2003-2014

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise Prov.11:30


Casa Salsa

casa-salsaCome learn at a Casa Salsa Training Center. We have the most current classes taught online and LIVE by a certified Casa Salsa instructor. We have multiple locations to choose from and more coming soon! Sign up and you will have access to all beginner patterns, access to all intermediate patterns, access to all advanced patterns, and over 500 videos!

 DJ Mr. E and the Soul Movement Crew

eddy-photoSoul Movement Crew is your full service Inspirational & Faith-Based Entertainment group based in Florida.

Our team of experts specialize in:


Four the Calling

four-the-calling-photo“Four The Calling” is a new Latino-American a cappella group hailing from Pembroke Pines, Florida, consisting of 4 vocalist: Chloe Behar, Jennifer Cuevas, Carmen Behar and Zeke Cuevas. While the new group only formed back in 2015, it is composed of seasoned vocalists with diverse backgrounds in Pop, Blues, Jazz, and R&B, in addition to having academic training from one of the world’s most prestigious musical institutions, Berklee College of Music.



Maria Gracia

maria-graciaFrom a young age, I discovered I had a passion for music and that I could express myself through it and say many truths, so I was in every corner of my house for a long time humming songs. At 9 years old, I wrote my first song called: “I will praise” recorded 4 years later.

I had a beautiful opportunity to join a ministry called “MT28” which allowed me to grow my musical and spiritual areas. With this, I could travel to different places in my country seeing the great need that existed in the hearts of people to worship through singing.

In my 18 years, I have had the privilege of sharing the stage with Psalmists and ministries such as: Marcos Witt, Alex Campos, Luis Campos, Red, Contagius.

Currently I serve in my church as director of Praise, I confess that is one of the things that captivates my heart.

“I firmly believe that we must turn off the noise of the world to hear what’s on the bottom of each being and understand that worship is the best way to say thank you”

 Grinchy Got Saved “The Musical”

grinchy rollerbladingGrinchy Got Saved is an original musical parody.  We all remember how the green guy stole Christmas, but what happened the night Grinchy Got Saved?
Join Only One Roadway and Standing Ovation Theatre, as the Gospel is presented through an excerpt of this parody play.  A green rollerblading furry creature entertains the audience, while the true meaning of Christmas is presented.

Standing Ovation Theatre: www.browardhomeschool.com , click on Standing Ovation Theatre

Jesse Jones Jr.

jesse-jonesJazz is alive in South Florida and Jesse Jones Jr. is here to prove it. The Miami native is a saxophonist extraordinaire and continues to be on the forefront of a burgeoning jazz renaissance in South Florida.  Jesse Jones Jr. is one of those hidden treasures that you can’t help but to share with the world. A phenomenal reed player, Jesse is technically superior on the alto, soprano and baritone saxophone, as well as flute. He combines the hard-bop influence of Cannonball Adderley, the funk of Hank Crawford, and the sweetness of Paul Desmond. Their influences may be detected within Jesse’s riffs. Add to that some of the most unusual “scat” jazz singing when Jesse sings “straight” or through his horns, and the jazz audiences go wild. The humor is international in scope since these are not words but rather sounds that move and groove with the music. His ability to captivate the audience with the classics, and adapt them to his own swinging interpretations, is legendary. “I can only thank God for His blessings. And with the love and encouragement of my wife Thelma, family, friends and incredible fans, my heart will continue to pour out the music that we love so well.
Love, Peace and Jazz

 Many But ONE

ManyButOne2016For over 20 years Many but ONE Christian Performing Arts Company has been ministering to audiences presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ and His gift of Salvation with His arts.  Through various forms of dance and theatrical productions we aspire to do things excellent as unto the Lord.  Many but ONE also has a studio located in Boca Raton.  We are equipped to to train students in their God-given talents such as ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary as well as an exciting theatre program.   Please visit our website manybutone.com to see all we have available for your children.


Moody Radio

Moody Radio, 89.3 has been serving the South Florida community for over three decades, creatively addressing issues of the day with a Christian worldview. Hosting this year’s “Christmas Near the Beach”, Moody’s “On Air Team” will bring their signature personalities and enthusiasm to the event, featuring Eric Johnson, Audrey Altman, and Brigitte Sylvestre of Fresh Start. You are invited to connect with all the resources the station has to offer, including Facebook, internet radio channels, streaming Praise & Worship Music, Urban Praise and programming in Spanish at http://www.moodyradiosouthflroida.fm.

Overflow Music


One body. One church. One sole purpose: to worship God.
Contact us- info@overflow-music.com

One body. One church. One sole purpose: to worship God. We realized that there is a hungry generation out there who want to earnestly come into His presence through worship, and we are honored to be a part of it…..
You fill my cup until it overflows Psalm 23:5b

 Only One Roadway

DennaOnlyOneRoadwayOnly One Roadway street ministry reaches out to the community in street ministry with a variety of artistic venues, such as mime, dance, and character acting.  From book store openings to outdoor christian music festivals, they’ve ministered the Gospel to large or intimate crowds. Wherever the Lord calls, that’s the road they take.  Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. NO one comes to the Father except through me.- John 14:6.

Contact  Denna McDaniel for more booking information:  christmasnearthebeach@hotmail.com

The Village Hymns

villageHymnsA while back we had this vision of a collective group of worshipers seeking to honor God through the talents of songwriting. Many songs have been written and many lyrics have been sung, but have we sought after the local church?  “Amazing Grace” transcends generations and many songs written today are perfect for the body of Christ as a whole, but there is a deeper need for songs that minister to the local church. By this we mean churches everywhere are going through different seasons and with each season God can be glorified and exalted with scripture sung pertaining to the life of the church.

God has poured out talents on us and our response should be to offer them back to Him. Songwriting is one talent that The Village Hymns wants to bring out to glorify Him.

We want local artists, worship leaders, and musicians that write songs for the church. We want to gather artists and their songs for a night called “The Village Hymns.” There  is a three-fold purpose for the evening. The first  is to bring awareness to local songwriters; writers that are aware of how God is moving in His church. The second purpose is to bring awareness to songs written for the local church to sing. How amazing it would be for South Florida to be filled with churches writing and singing their own songs, not forsaking those which are already out there, of course. The third purpose would be to gather local writers and develop a community which would hopefully birth new songs and new relationships among different churches.

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  1. Aww..just saw this on a friends FB page..so i missed the event. Would love to go next year. Please keep me in your updates.
    God bless you
    Juliet Granda-Guzman

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