Christmas Near the Beach 2019

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Our Artists


Step back into the future with the rock-infused, soul-based gospel of Sensere. One of gospel music’s only soul bands from South Florida, Sensere blends an assortment of live horns, bass guitars and shocking vocals. The result is reminiscent of classic Motown bands like The Temptations, Earth, Wind and Fire, and the Mighty Clouds of Joy.

Sensere was organized in 2003 when songwriter James E. Wright III gathered 12 South Florida musicians to perform original vocals and melodic baselines, with a desire to please God as a compass for creating feel-good rhythms that move music lovers.

And their work gained attention. An appearance on BET’s Bobby Jones’ Gospel gave Sensere the national platform to build a crossover fan base up and down the East coast. has run four enthusiastic reviews for the group’s work. Says one: “Sensere has one of the most authentic sounds in Christian music today.” And Soul Tracks praised the group’s album The Soul of Future

Chaminade-Madonna Drumline

Leading the way for Santa will be some of the funkiest elves you’ve ever heard: the Drumline from Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory School in Hollywood, Florida. Clad in red and green, the drummers will escort Santa from his classic car to the CNTB stage.

Founded in 2012, the Drumline has marched in other Hollywood festivals, including the Candy Cane Parade and St. Patrick’s Day Parade. “The kids are always eager to do any performances that come their way,” says director Carlo Ricchi. “And CNTB combines both of the greatest aspects of Florida: Christmas and the beach.”

Catholic and Marianist in identity, Chaminade-Madonna runs an integrated program of spirituality, academics, school activities, and physical development. The goal is to develop people who share their faith, achieve excellence, and become caring leaders in the church and community.

DJ Mr. E

Soul Movement Crew is a full-service inspirational and faith-based entertainment group in Florida. Soul Movement Crew specializes in:

  • Deejay services
  • Event consultation and artist recommendations
  • Professional radio commercials and voiceovers
  •  Social events and concerts for all ages
  •  Flavor Night Fridays (The Ultimate Christian Party Experience for Young Adults 18+)

 ‘Grinchy Got Saved,’ the play

grinchy rollerblading

Each year, the furry green guy skates for CNTB. But for 2018, the dancers of Many but ONE will present a full-length, half-hour play on how he was changed by the gospel — and found the true meaning of Christmas.

Jesse Jones Jr.

Miami native Jesse Jones Jr. is at the forefront of a burgeoning jazz renaissance in South Florida. Jesse excels on alto, soprano and baritone saxophone, as well as flute. He adapts the classics to his own swinging interpretations.

Jesse’s music combines the hard-bop influence of Cannonball Adderley, the funk of Hank Crawford and the sweetness of Paul Desmond. Their influences may be detected within Jesse’s riffs. He even adds unusual “scat” jazz when singing “straight” or through his horns. His humor is international in scope, conveying it not in words but in sounds that move with the music.

“I can only thank God for His blessings,” Jesse says. “And with the love and encouragement of my wife Thelma, family, friends and incredible fans, my heart will continue to pour out the music that we love so well.

“Love, Peace and Jazz!”Email: jessejonesjr@yahoo.comSee more at:

Peace Fighter

Peace Fighter is a family folk-rock group that has often performed at CNTB since it began. The group is headed by Jeff and Christine Maldonado, members of the recording artists House of Peace.

Jeff and Christine have toured throughout the United States, and have performed for more than a decade throughout South Florida. They’ve also performed for CNTB for several times since it began in 2007.

As Peace Fighter, they will be performing a mix of their own original worship songs, along with well known worship songs for all to join in and sing along.

Destiny Rayne

Destiny has been singing since the age of 3. Her first influence was the Queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla.

“I remember watching her movie at a very young age, and being so captivated by her stage presence, her voice, the way she captured the audience and sang with her heart,” she says. “I wanted to do that, too.”

Her dream is the same, but she says she directs her drive and passion away from herself. “My heart is to connect them to something that is far greater than me, Jesus,” she says. “I’ve learned that a song is another way of communication, conveying emotion and feeling all in one. I want my music to do that.”

Her first EP, His Instrument, is available on all digital platforms. You can also order a physical CD on her website, under “Merch.”

“I poured my heart into each song that is on His Instrument,” she says. “And there’s something special about that.”

Sanctuary Choir

New this year at CNTB is the Sanctuary Choir of First Presbyterian Church, Coral Springs. The 30-voice choir has been featured in concert with the Boca Raton Symphony in a performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, and has performed jointly with the choir of New Presbyterian Church in Wilton Manors.

Director of the choir is the Rev. John Moore, minister of music at First Presbyterian since 2008. A native of Philadelphia, Moore has played principal trumpet with the Miami Symphony, the South Florida Symphony, the Palm Beach Symphony, the Miami City Ballet, and the National Symphony of Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Many but ONE 

Many but ONE is a performing arts company that has been ministering for more than 20 years, couching a Christian message in dance and theatrical productions. At its studio in Boca Raton, Many but ONE trains students in ballet, pointe, jazz and contemporary dance. Their ballet dancers have performed as angels in Christmas pageants during past years at CNTB.

Only One Roadway

Only One Roadway reaches out to the community in street ministry in a variety of ways, such as mime, dance and character acting.  From bookstore openings to outdoor Christian music festivals, they’ve ministered the gospel to large or intimate crowds.

At CNTB 2018, Only One Roadway will present “The Courtroom,” a mime dance that tells a symbolic parable of a soul coming up for the final judgment.

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